TEM Elettromeccanica S.r.l.

Via Tonale, 14/16 - 24050 GRASSOBBIO (Bergamo)

Tel.+39 035 52 52 51 (3 linee)

Fax. +39 035 52 64 08






40 years lasting experience represents a meaningful achievement. Since 1963 we design and manufacture components for electric distribution systems.



The operation is carried on in premises covering 4520 square meters, part of an overall area of 10000 square meters.
The high production capacity stands out as well because of its quality requirements due both to the selected materials and service provided to the customers. As a matter of fact we have been certified ISO 9002 since 1994.


Public Entities, Electrical Companies, Electric systems contractors and electric materials manufacturers, they all get always from T.E.M. the suitable, fast and effective solution to their needs.



TEM Elettromeccanica is certified ISO 9001:2000 with regard to production quality.





1964 TEM Elettromeccanica is established in Grassobbio near Milano (Italy). The company quickly became one of the most specialised compression moulders of reinforced thermoset composites in Italy, with a wide range of products like meter boxes, cabinets, panels and components for: electric and gas distribution system, telecommunications and electronic industry.


2005TEM Elettromeccanica is acquired by KONTEK-COMATEL, becoming, through this one, member of LASERLINE Group.

2005 Start up of Cornate factory , almost dedicated to the injection moulding of thermoplastic products.






  • Over the years the company has gradually expanded and diversify the plants to keep up with the development both of moulding techniques and raw materials. By this way the Company has proved itself also into the injection moulding of thermoplastic materials, both to electric-electronic and manufacturing industries.
  • An organization with well distributed and coherent tasks allows the Company to regulate and get an overall control of the production cycle of operations, while it may provide the customers with services like: product design, prototyping, moulds engineering, chemical-physical consulting of the materials.
  • A business vision open to partnership with complementary industrial manufacturers, service and engineering companies.